CESE-2013    The 6th CESE Conference

  29 Oct. - 2 Nov.  2013, Daegu, Korea


International Conference on

Challenges in Environmental
Science & Engineering
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Date of Book Publication: June 2013

CESE Series

2012, Melbourne

2012-Special Issues

Bioresource Technology (Volume 141, Pages 1-252, August 2013)

Desalination and Water Treatment

International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation (Volume 85, Pages 458-459, November 2013)

Journal of Water Sustainability (General Issue, Volume 2, Issue 4 , 2012)



The 2013 International Conference on the "Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering" (CESE-2013) organized by Korean Society of Water and Wastewater (KSWW), will take place in Daegu, Korea. This is the sixth international conference in the CESE series. Researchers, policy-makers, academics, students and the broader community active in contributing solutions to the myriad of environmental questions that are posed to ensure sustainability, are welcome to meet in Daegu to share their knowledge and visions for the future.

Daegu is located in the south eastern part of the Korean peninsula. It is a time honored city that inherited glorious monuments of traditional Buddhism and Confucianism, such as Donghwasa temple and Daegu Confucian Academy. Daegu is also surrounded by 4 UNESCO cultural heritage sites which display Korean traditional culture.


Moreover, Daegu is perfect to witness and understand the process of modern development in Korea from 100 years ago. There is a program called Daegu Walking Tour, awarded the 2012 Star of Korea Tourism. We believe you will enjoy your stay in Daegu, Korea. We sincerely invite you to take part in the 6th CESE conference, CESE-2013, and enjoy your amazing journey through Korea.

CESE Conference Chair
Assoc. Prof. Jega V Jegatheesan
Deakin University

CESE Conference Co-Chairs
Dr. Li Shu
LJS Envionment

Prof.  Chia-Yuan Chang
Chia Nan University
of Pharmacy & Science

CESE Conference Honorary Chair
Emiratus Prof. Roger Ben Aim

CESE-2013 Chair
Prof. Yeong Kwan Kim
Kangwon National University

CESE-2013 Co-Chairs
Prof. Kyoo Hong Park
Chung-Ang University

Prof. Seung Hwan Lee
Kumoh National Institute
of Technology


Theme I Water Treatment and Reuse
Theme II Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation
Theme III Rainwater Harvesting and Application
Theme IV Sustainable Catchment Management
Theme V Renewable Energy and Climate Change
Theme VI Environmental Policy and Management
Theme VII Membrane Technology
Theme VIII Energy and Biofuels
Theme IX Environmental Modelling
Theme X Solid and Sludge Management
Theme XI Corrosion in Water Industry
Theme XII Water and Wastewater Pipe Network Operation and Maintenance
Theme XIII Nitrogen Removal
Special Issues

Bioresource Technology
Desalination and Water Treatment
Environmental Engineering Research
International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation
Journal of Water Sustainability
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering
Sustainable Environment Research


Key Dates

Submission of Abstracts:
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Submission of Full Papers:
30 April 2013     31 May 2013
31 May 2013     30 June 2013
31 July 2013   20 August 2013     31 August 2013
Please submit your full paper to the nominated journal between the 2nd of November and the 15th of December 2013


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Touring Daegu

CESE Series

2011, Tainan

2011-Special Issues

Bioresource Technology (Volume 113, Pages 1-318, 2012)

Desalination and Water Treatment (Volume 47, 2012)

Membrane Water Treatment (Volume 3, Number 2, May 2012)

Journal of Water Sustainability (Volume1, Issue 3, December 2011)

Journal of Water Sustainability (General Issue, Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2012)

Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology (Volume 11, Number 2 / June 2012)

2010, Cairns

2010-Special Issues

Bioresource Technology (Vol.102, Issue 9, 2011)

Desalination and Water Treatment
(Vol.32, Issue 1-2, 2011)

2009, Townsville

2009-Special Issues

Bioresource Technology (Vol.101, Issue 5, 2010)

Desalination & Water Treatment (Vol.11, 2009)

Water, Air & Soil Pollution: Focus (Vol.9, issues 5-6, 2009)

2008, Townsville

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